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Past Results

The cases listed below were defended by The Law Offices of Carlos M. Fleites, and/or their “of counsel” attorneys. They illustrate some of the firm’s past results for clients charged with a variety of crimes. All cases are unique. Past results in cases in no way guarantee that the firm will replicate those in a different case. Names of clients have been reduced to initials to protect their privacy. These are all real cases and can all be verified through public case records:

United States v.  G.M  1:19-cr-20441-RS 

Federal Case from the Southern District of Florida

Case Type: Importation of Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Conspiracy to Import Cocaine, Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Cocaine

Client indicted as part of a 400 kilo shipment of cocaine that was seized after federal agents raided a vessel docked outside a home in Fort Lauderdale after arriving from the Dominican Republic. 

Mr. Ladd and Mr. Fleites took the case to trial after the government would not recommend their suggested offer of probation with an agreement not to oppose deportation and instead sought to recommend a sentence of approximately 12-14 years in federal prison.   Our client, G.M. and one other Defendant, were the only ones who did not plead guilty.  Additionally,  three other Defendants in the case even agreed to testify on behalf of the Government at trial against G.M.  After a week of trial and several hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY against our client on ALL counts.  The other Defendant (not represented by our firm) was found guilty of 2 of 4 counts.  Our client, G.M, who had been in custody awaiting trial, walked out of court a free man that afternoon.

Attorney: Carlos Fleites, Esq.
Matthew Ladd, Esq. 

Maximum Exposure: Up to life in Federal Prison

Result: Not Guilty Jury Verdict on ALL Counts

State of Florida v. J.S. F07-001937

Miami Dade County

Case Type: Attempted 1st Degree Murder

Client arrested for attempted 1st degree murder. Attorney’s intervened with State on Behalf of client and State took no action and filed no charges at arraignment.

Attorneys: Carlos Fleites, Esq.
Melisa Coyle, Esq.

Maximum Exposure: Life in Prison

Result: State took No Action on 65th day and filed no charges at arraignment.

United States v. M. M. 1:16-cr-20251-MGC

Federal Case from the Southern District of Florida

Case Type: Medicare Fraud

Client indicted as part of a scheme responsible for over $10 million dollars of fraudulent Medicare charges in connection to her ownership of a Pharmacy. Client maintained her innocence at all times.

Mr. Fleites aggressively defended and investigated the evidence against her. This included thousands of text messages between all the parties involved. He ultimately hired a forensic accountant to parse through thousands of pages of financial records. As part of his trial preparations, he provided the government with a thorough report prepared by his expert witness. Once the government reviewed the information prepared by Mr. Fleites and his team, they reevaluated their case and ultimately dismissed the indictment and dropped ALL charges against our client.

Attorney: Carlos Fleites, Esq.

Expert: Yodiosmay Gonzalez (forensic accountant)

Maximum Exposure: 20 years Federal Prison

Result: Government Dismissed Indictment and All Charges

State of Florida v. F M Y

Orange County, FL

Case Type: Felony Murder

Client Charged with Felony Murder as part of deal over sale of stolen motorcycles gone bad. One person was shot and killed as part of the incident. Client took the case to jury trial lasting one week. After approximately five hours of deliberations, jury acquitted Defendant of all charges.

Attorney: Melisa Coyle, Esq.
Carlos Fleites, Esq.

Maximum Exposure: Life in Prison

Result “Not Guilty” jury verdict

State of Florida v. E. B. 2010 CF7428

Palm Beach County, FL

Case Type: Sexual Battery

Client was charged with sexual battery. Alleged victim charged EB with raping her after they went on date with friends to Blue Martini in West Palm Beach. Our client maintained his complete innocence and even took and passed a polygraph examination. The prosecution refused to dismiss the case or even to request that their alleged victim take a polygraph of her own. Instead offering our client a plea that involved years of State prison as a sexual predator. Effectively ruining his life and future.

Having little choice, and with the support of his friends and family, attorneys Matthew Ladd and Carlos Fleites represented EB at trial and secured a “Not Guilty” verdict after only 15 minutes of deliberation. Cases like this illustrate the Importance of effective, aggressive representation.

Attorney: Matthew Ladd, Esq.
Carlos Fleites, Esq.

Maximum Exposure: 15 years State Prison
Sexual Predator Designation.

Result: “Not Guilty” jury verdict on all charges

State of Florida v. H.D. F13-25495

Miami-Dade County, FL

Case Type: DUI Manslaughter

Client charged with DUI manslaughter after being involved in accident where her best friend was killed. Blood analysis indicated an alcohol level over the legal limit. Bottom of the sentencing guidelines were over ten years of State prison with a minimum mandatory sentence of 3 years.

Mr. Fleites worked with the State, the victim’s next of kin and the Court and the result was a non-jail sentence with house arrest, probation, lengthy license revocation and the Defendant speaking at schools to educate students on the dangers of driving under the influence. At the time of the sentence and at the time that this is written, it is believed to be the lowest plea sentence on a DUI manslaughter in Miami-Dade County.

Attorney: Carlos Fleites, Esq.

Maximum Exposure: 15 years State Prison

Result: House arrest, probation, license revocation, community
service, public speaking to students.