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Medicare Fraud

Miami and Fort Lauderdale Medicare Fraud Cases

Have you been charged with a Medicare Fraud Crime in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area?

The consequences of a Medicare Fraud conviction can be extremely serious.  Penalties for Medicare Fraud can include heavy fines, seizure of assets, lengthy prison time and even deportation.  Because these penalties could be so severe, it is important to be represented by an experienced Fort Lauderdale, Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible.

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Medicare Fraud Cases

Medicare Fraud involves fraudulently billing Medicare for services.  South Florida has a higher incidence of Medicare fraud than anywhere else in the United States.  These cases usually stem from home health care providers and the like.

Pill Mills
Pill Mills are establishments where patients are examined by a doctor and prescribed pain medication in accordance with their symptoms.  These establishments usually have dispensaries on site which also fill the prescriptions for the patients.  This is an emerging area of Federal criminal prosecution as the Drug Enforcement agency is seeking to prosecute those doctors and establishments who prescribe medications to individuals who do not qualify for them.